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RNI Films is a real film simulation for
mobile photographers
iPhone app based on real film
RNI Films is designed for the latest iPhones and gives you top quality image rendering and output
RNI Films is not a camera app, it's a film app. Simple but powerful one. With it's streamlined workflow and state of the art filters born from real film, RNI Films is designed to do what only film can do just in a few taps.
The RNI Films app is easy and has everything you need for smooth and comprehensive image editing
  • Free download
    The app comes free with plenty of free film profiles included
  • Efficienct
    It requires just an absolute minimum of taps to process and share your photos
  • Efficienct
    Real-film filters are grouped in categories by film types for your convenience
Born from film
RNI Films' filters are created after real films and simulate look and feel of particular film brands.
Get RNI Films Now
Available for iPhone 4S and above
Text and photo materials: Oleg Lukyanov